hypnosis enchanted dinners

TransitionFOOD is a space to celebrate the place humankind holds in the cycle of life, by sharing a dinner.


TransitionFOOD dinners are enchanted by hypnosis moments before each serving.

When imagination is pollinated by hypnosis, awareness expands. Guest become more sensitive to tastes and the environments they withhold.

With this particular state of consciousness, guests can embrace how deep the food before them branches out.


From the loving care that assembled the food, to ancestral agricultural wisdom, passed on generation after generation.

From the caress of everyday's sunrise drawing the landscape, to seasons breathing life to the rythm of the Earth rotating around our warm sun. Guests plates widden to reveal the miracle and the mystery enclosed in each sensation.


TransitionFOOD takes part in the collective adventure of energy transition, bonding every human being across the Earth. This transition begins with the matter we transform everyday into energy, the food that makes us who we are. It begins inside each one of us.


TransitionFOOD is an artistic, culinary and spiritual experience, intimately rooted in my artistic quest. 

It's an adventure meant to be continuously created together.